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About Vinayak Sharma | EideahubMy name is Vinayak Sharma and I’m the owner and founder of eideahub. I am currently pursuing higher studies in Engineering from a good college. I created eideahub with the aim to make an identity in the social world.

Entry into the Blogging World

I didn’t know much about blogging till September 2016. I can clearly remember the date- 25th September 2016. It was the day when I read an article on the internet about How to make $100 a day with blogging. Yeah, it got me interested enough to read the whole article. The funny thing was that there was no mention of earning a single dollar on that article. Instead, it was about blogging, it’s Do’s and Don’ts.

Within 4 hours of reading that article, I read 22 another articles related to blogging. Little did I know then, it was turning from a time-pass reading to searching for hundred of ways to get my own website.

Fortunately, within a week of my pursuit, one of my closest friends approached me with an idea of Digital Marketing. It didn’t take me long to understand the whole process. Yes, it did require some investment, but I was quite satisfied with the services I was getting with it. 2 days after joining up for the program, I registered for my first website eideahub.

Why eideahub?

At first, I thought I would mostly write articles on technology and career on my website. But after doing proper research, I added 1 more category (lifestyle) to reach out to more people.

Eideahub aims to create a blog with information on the latest trends and related stuffs. This site is dedicated to those who want to save their valuable time on the internet. I believe in quality over quantity. That is one of the primary reasons I only write evergreen articles that could benefit the readers and subscribers of the site for a long time.

Some of the most viewed articles of the blog are:

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