How are Learning Apps Better than Books?

Technology is evolving and it’s evolving fast. With the growth of technology, it would be absolutely wrong to say that the education world has not been affected by it. In fact, if truly spoken, the technology has affected the education system greatly.

With the invention of internet and e-books, a revolution erupted in the world of education, making knowledge reach every section of the society.

Though there are huge conflicts in the education system specialists, where one group keeps saying that following traditional hard- bounded book is more beneficial for the students. While another group advocates the benefits of learning apps.

Here, we present a detailed comparison of both and explain how learning apps are better than the conventional books.

How are Learning Apps Better than Books? - Eideahub

The learning apps help students in learning more materials quicker. According to a research conducted by the combined teams of National Training and Simulation Association and the US Department of Education, it has been seen that learning apps reduce the time that students usually take in learning an objective; the reduction in time ranges from 30 to 80%.

The biggest benefit of learning apps is the advantage of holding thousands of textbooks in a single device along with one app is enough to contain all the quizzes and homework. This means, you no longer need to carry those bulky bags containing books and study materials.

Low cost as compared to the printed books. Learning apps and e-books costs 50 to 60% less compared to the printed books. According to a research, every year Indian Government spends billions of dollars on printing books of classes and genres. Whereas, E-textbooks on average costs 50-60% lesser than printed textbooks.

It has been proved through a survey that the students who learn and practice using tablets and learning apps achieve a better score on the standardized tests. For example, apps provided by BYJU’s classes to apply for GMAT and GRE. The reason behind this result is that the apps contain various technological features which are impossible to include all in printed textbooks.

Benefits of Tablets and Learning Apps

How are Learning Apps Better than Books? - Eideahub

  • It gives the advantage of highlighting texts, editing them and writing notes without ruining the textbook for other users.
  • These apps provide the search function, which makes it really easy to search for any keyword, which is not possible in textbooks.
  • Backlight options are available in tablets and apps, making it possible to study in dark as well.
  • Built-in dictionaries help to understand any word instantaneously, in place of leaving it as a future task.
  • The videos and interactive diagrams help to keep the students’ attention engaged. This increases the level of attentiveness, creativity, engagement and motivation of students with classroom materials.
  • Tablets are extremely light weight whereas books are very heavy. It has been seen that every year many students fall victim of various shoulder and back injuries because of heavy backpacks.
  • Various chiropractors and pediatricians recommend that kids should carry a backpack weighing a maximum of 15% of their body weight. Whereas, the weight of textbooks of Math, History, and science, itself exceeds that.
    So imagine what other textbooks will be doing to the kids. According to a study conducted in America, every year almost 14,000 kids in the age group of 5 to 18 years, becomes a victim of backpack-related injuries.

Other Advantages

How are Learning Apps Better than Books? - Eideahub

Today’s world is filled with various technologies and imagining a life without technology is almost impossible for the present generation. So, it’s undeniable to say that the learning apps and tablets help students to be better prepared for this technical and digitalized world.

It has been seen that the students who have learned technological skills since early days make better technical careers. It’s a fact that in countries like the United States, the highest paying jobs include mostly the technology-intensive jobs.

Updating a book in tablets and learning apps is much easier than compared to updating a hard- bound book. For every new available update, the students won’t need to buy a new book.

This will reduce the financial burden on the pocket of their parents. Tablets are especially beneficial for those subjects are subjected to constant change such as computer science and biology.

Not just for Students

How are Learning Apps Better than Books? - Eideahub

Learning apps and tablets come in handy for teachers as well. It reduces a number of papers they need to get printed for assignments and handouts. This not only saves money but helps to save the nature as well. This is a situation that needs the attention of human beings the most.

Customizing the education system that befits each student individually becomes easier. The customization process becomes easier as there are millions of learning apps for various subjects.

The teacher can choose an app that suits the style and requirement of the particular student, in place of choosing a book that works on the motto of “one- size- fits- all”. If calculated, i- Pads alone contains more than 20,000 learning apps available.


Transferring of files and notes become easier as downloading files of one tablet onto another is very easy. This transfer of files increases the flexibility among students as well as teachers. The books and files can be stored on drive or cloud and shared among all the recipients of the class, making it accessible for all individuals.

Now- a- days, many high professionals have as well started advocating the use of learning apps in the education system. This is because they clearly understand the importance of modernization, technology, and digitalization.

How are Learning Apps Better than Books? - Eideahub

It has been noticed that the students who own tablets or smartphones, read more books than compared to those who buy hardbound books. The intuitiveness of learning apps makes learning easy and fun. The apps make learning fun and enjoyable.

On the other hand, the mere thought of carrying a heavy book makes the eyes drowsy and sleepy. Because for kids, using a tablet or smartphone is something they have been always restricted of and now getting the permission gives them the feeling of freedom.

So, start the use of learning apps to increase the level of growth of your kids today. As the world is progressing so why your kid should be left behind.

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Dhriti Mishra is a full-time content writer working for Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. Best known for her ability to learn quickly, she devotes herself into every article she writes with the intent of motivating everyone who reads it. An avid reader who loves to indulge herself in all kinds of genres. Her most favorite pass time being listening to music, she also involves herself with reading news online and being on social media. An engineering graduate who quickly picked up the knack to write articles and short stories. She also helps with social media content and online marketing from time to time.


Vinayak is a young aspiring blogger and the founder of eideahub. He aims to reach his creative goals one step at a time and is extremely fond of anything related to technology, career, and health. He likes to share relevant info with all the latest updates.


Vinayak is a young aspiring blogger and the founder of eideahub. He aims to reach his creative goals one step at a time and is extremely fond of anything related to technology, career, and health. He likes to share relevant info with all the latest updates.

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