Are you an introvert? Worried about talking to a girl? Tried all the ways to impress her? I’m an introvert myself and that means I don’t talk much, especially around the girls.

This is true for extroverts too. They may be talking all day long with their friends but they can also get a little uncomfortable when their crush is looking right at their eyes. I have seen some of my most talkative friends go numb when the girl they like passes just near them. So this post is not just for introverts, but for extroverts too.

Top 10 ways to impress the girl you like that actually worksWe all have that one girl with whom we want to spend the rest of our life. The problem is that we generally have a crush on the most beautiful girl in our class and we often think that she wouldn’t go out with us. Rather it would be that handsome hunk who would really be worthy of her.

It is not a bad thing to think like that but do have some confidence in yourself too. No matter how beautiful a girl is, she just wants someone who would treat her the way she deserved to be treated. Maybe you can be that someone, maybe not but how would you know if u don’t make an effort to talk with her?

So here are some of the best ways I’ve known so far to put a good impression in a girl’s mind as well as her heart. These are very simple ways so you don’t need to worry about putting much effort.


Now some of you may have heard that girls like bad boys. Well, it may be true to some extent but never pre-judge anyone. If you are a nice person the chances are you will get a nice partner too.

No matter what nature of the girl you like be polite with her. Being well-mannered means you know the meaning of word respect, a quality that most individuals want in their partner.


You should pay her a sincere and genuine compliment. It can be anything about her – her smile, her hair, her laugh or anything else. Don’t try to overdo it otherwise she may consider you a cheap person.

Pay close attention to the way you say it. For example, rather than saying “I like your dress”, say “You look really great in that dress”.


Yes, you heard that right. Do yourself a favor and look her in the eye whenever you are conversing with her. If she catches you staring at her cleavage then she’s gonna think you are some kind of a desperate guy interested in the obvious.

Merely glance at her every now and then but don’t overdo it. Let her know that you are different from the crowd. This will definitely raise her interest in you.


Women are attracted to sociable, charming, likable men, whom their friends and families will love. So, socialize with her friends and impress them. This will create an image of you as her partner in her mind. Just make sure she knows you are only interested in her, and not her friends.


One of the problem guy faces while talking to a girl is how to let the conversation going. The best way to do so is asking questions about her interests, past successes, favorite things. This would allow her to open up and feel comfortable around you.

Just don’t ask too many questions. You are not her lawyer so ask simple questions to let her know that you are interested in more than her looks.


We all know smoking and consumption of alcohol is bad for your health. Now, we are not judging you but your habit might be the reason you are still single.

Women are attracted to men who care about their health. And also the most important factor in a great kiss is fresh breath. Most of the non-smokers mind kissing a smoker, even if their breath is fresh.


Are you actually paying attention to what she’s saying, or does your brain just process mumbling sounds while you are staring at her assets? A good partner is an active listener, the one who asks questions in the middle, not someone who just sits and wait for his turn to speak.

Paying attention to her words shows that you have a genuine interest in her. So, respect her opinions and let her feel that she can talk to you about anything.


Did she lose a few pounds, buy a new dress, or dye her hair? Awareness of these little things will let her appreciate your keen eyes, as they show that you are attentive and pay attention to the details.


Respect is one of the most important thing feminists all over the world are arguing for. If you can’t respect a girl, her opinions, or her decisions, how do you expect her to be interested in you?

Appreciate her company, don’t insult her or her choices. Be kind and courteous toward her as well as her parents. This shows how serious you are to be with her.


After doing all this there’s still not a 100% guarantee that she would be your girlfriend. Respect her decision whatever it may be. At the end of the day, all that matters is how much you have improved.

If she has rejected you but you have become more self-confident or gained better career opportunities then it still has worked in your favor.


So these are some of the best ways to impress a girl that actually works. Still thinking how to impress a girl? Then follow these easy steps and your chances will definitely increase. Please comment if you would like to add some points to the post and do tell which of these ways worked for you.



Vinayak is a young aspiring blogger and the founder of eideahub. He aims to reach his creative goals one step at a time and is extremely fond of anything related to technology, career, and health. He likes to share relevant info with all the latest updates.


Vinayak is a young aspiring blogger and the founder of eideahub. He aims to reach his creative goals one step at a time and is extremely fond of anything related to technology, career, and health. He likes to share relevant info with all the latest updates.

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